Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 4

Questionable Actions

Fought through the skeletons. Found some Altars, which they started attacking, Tasil widened a big crack in the back of one. Nachi finally kneeled and gave praise to Bahamut as the altars asked. The skeletons disappeared. Note-to-self: attacking altars of good-gods might not be advisable when trying to stop undead.

Entered a tomb, and talked to Sir Keegan. Learned some back story. Diplomacy is good and might net you a decent sword. Promised to help stop the evil that overtook Keegan and seems to again be returning. We need to close some sort of rift.

Explored the caves. Fought some rats and an Ochre Jelly. Entered a secret cavern. Explored a section that contain some Kruthiks. Enter a door that said do not enter. Found a little island guarded by a big Blue Slime, which ended up killing Nachi and Splug. It turns out that, when you find a room beyond a door that says “do not enter” with seemingly unguarded treasure on an island, it might not be a good idea to fey-step to the center of the island – lol.

Returned to town, which was closed off. Agreed to help Lord Padraig clear out the undead in their cemetary, but first had to heal up. Revived Nachi and Splug with Sister Linora’s help. Exchanged and bought a few new items from the passing merchants trapped in town (i.e. took full advantage of their need for our services).

Went to the cemetary and fought some more skeletons, some zombie dogs, and an elf archer named Ninaran. Another note: not all elf archers are friendly, especially if undead appear around them. Shut down the magical circle that created the skeletons. Found a note on Ninaran from Kalarel.

Returned to town to addulation and rest.


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