Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 3


After a quick search of their options, the group decides to head east, where they stumble upon a few goblins and drakes digging for treasure. The sneak up on them and a battle ensues. At one point Sophana and Hanibal try to walk across a plank and fall into the pit. Luckily, Nachi was there to protect them and Tasil cleared out the room with pinpoint accuracy.

Then they discussed the merits of taking the secret door Sophana found or going down the eathern stairs. They decided on the door.


They stealthily sneaked up the passage to another secret door, where a very fat goblin noisly slept. A conversation then ensued on what to do and Tasil and Nachi whole-heartedly agreed on sneaking in and killing him in his sleep. Allyria felt that doing such a thing was wrong but deferred to her more adventure expreienced teammates. Sophana and Hanibal seemed to acquiesce as well. So Tasil sneaked into the room and drove a dagger deep into Balgron the Fat’s belly. Nachi followed soon after to take down the guard behind the curtain. Hanibal attempted to help, but inadvertently burnt down the old curtain.

Afterwards, Tasil explored the other rooms, while everyone else lied in wait to spring an ambush. Tasil found two goblins on guard playing cards and took them out in a blinding fury of daggers. He then proceeded to peek in the barracks and bait the other goblins into the ambush. It only took a few short moments before the surrounding goblins were defeated.

The party returned to Balgron’s chamber and slept. It was an uneasy sleep with the stench of dead goblins creeping into the nostrils and a sense of evil and unrest permeating their dreams.

Unexpected Guest

After a rest, the party continued their exploration of the halls and rooms. To the west the came upon a room where they heard the excited voices of goblins. Tasil peeked a glance through a crack in the door and discovered a torture room with a hobgoblin yelling and threatening a couple of goblins. Tasil relayed the information and the party decided to attempt another ambush.

Tasil opened the door, through some daggers, and ducked back into the hall. The goblins fired off crossbow bolts through the doorway and the hobgoblin ran to a corner beside the door, hoping to push the first person who entered into the nearby iron maiden. The battle degraded into a shooting fest with Tasil, Hanibal, Allyria and Sophana attacking from the hall and the goblins peeking up from behind the tables. Finally Nachi charges in and takes the battle to the awaiting hobgolin and the goblins in the room. Tasil jumps into help, followed by the others, and it isn’t too long before the battle’s over.

Down the way, they can hear some pleas for help. There’s a goblin locked in one of the cells. He introduces himself as Splug and promises to help them however he can. Tasil picks the lock and frees Splug. The party helps Splug collect some armor and weapons off the dead goblins and Splug informs them of all the rooms he knows, which just happens to be all the rooms they’ve already been in.

It boils down to the cave with rats, or the dead quiet room behind the chilly doors. They choose the cold room.

Amazing Discoveries

Walking down the chilly stairs into the pitch blackness, they light a sunrod and cast light. With this they’re able to see a magical rune etched into the floor, which they can tell is some sort of trap. They travel down the halls that aren’t marked and come across a group of zombies. They all pitch in, including Splug, and with some impressive action on the part Sophana, eradicated the zombies.

This opened the way to a hall lined with large sarcophagi and a bright blue light glowing at the other end. Nachi systematically opened the closest sarcophagus, ready to destroy anything that made its home in one, but to no avail. Every single one he opened was emptied. As they walked down the hall, a loud cacophony was heard as every sarcophagus closed and immediately opened, spewing out skeletons.

Will our heroes survive?


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