Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 2


New Arrival

Before entering under the waterfall and into the kobold lair, the adventurers stumble upon a wizard entering through the woods. He introduced himself as Hanibal and they discovered they were after the same thing, the end of the Kobold Menace, so they joined forces.

The Kobold Menace

Together they passed through the waterfall into the kobold lair, where they encountered a dozen or so upset kobolds. After our heroes cleared out most of these troublesome creatures, in walked Irontooth, a strong goblin who had been bossing the kobolds around. Irontooth knock our adventurers around but after 3 sharp blades in back sent with regards by Tasil, he went down for the count.

The party searched the cave and found some gold and a +1 Dwarven Chain Mail. They also discovered a note signed by Kalarel.

Unlucky Travelers

As they walked back to Winterhaven, they came across a kobold patrol. Hanibal, quick to prove himself to his new friends, ran up and fired off a massive fireball into the patrol, that wiped out all but two of them. It was quick work, picking off the remaining two.

Back to Winterhaven

The party returned to Winterhaven, and collected the reward. The townspeople were happy to hear the kobolds had been dealt with, but everyone felt a little on edge.

They brought back the body of one of the kobolds, and showed it to Valthrun the Prescient, who did some research with the help Sophana to discover it was a kobold dragonshield and that they have a resistance to fire. The two then began researching the history on the keep located north.

They learned it was built by the old empire, Nerath, to guard against a rift into the Shadowfell and not against marauders as originally suspected. This rift led straight to an unholy sanctuary of Orcus. The empire fought the undead who entered back into the rift and sealed it up. They then built the keep over it to make sure it stayed closed. Two decades after the fall of Nerath, the commander of the keep, Sir Keegan, went crazy and killed his family and officers before the rest of the garrison were able to drive him deeper into the keep. Soon after that the keep was abandoned and has since turned into ruins.

Enter the Keep

Our heroes travelled down the main road to investigate the current situation of the keep. As they got closer to the keep, a chill came over them and the normal sounds of the forest began to die away. The overgrowth seemed to be everywhere, except in a circle around the keep. After cautiously checking the area, the heroes bravely walked down the steps into the keep.

They were met by a goblin, who saw through their ruse of being sent by Irontooth and tricked them into a pit trap filled with rats, which Nachi was kind enough to peruse. Three more goblins popped out behind some corners and proceeded to pepper the heroes with crossbow bolts. Our heroes collected their wits and wiped out the goblins, leaving them time to think over their next course of action.


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