Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 1



Our hardy adventurers, Sophana, Tasil, Nachi, and Allyria, went on a quest to find the whereabouts of Douven Staul, last suspected to be in the area of Winterhaven.

They were ambushed by some kobolds while traveling down the King’s Road. After an exciting battle, during which Nachi got hit with a gluepot, they continued on their way to Winterhaven.

Welcome to Winterhaven

Upon entering the gates of Winterhaven, they got the lay of the land and met some of the villagers at the small inn Salvan Wrafton and Eilian the Old. They also met Valthrun the Prescient in his tower. They had a talk to Rond Kelfem about the kobold infestation, and arranged an appointment with Lord Padraig. Lord Padraig offered them a reward to clear out the kobolds, which they gladly accepted.


On their way to investigate the where-abouts of Douven Staul, our adventurers were ambushed by a much stronger group of kobolds. It was a tough battle where every one was knocked unconcious at some point in the battle, but with some quick thinking and hardy resilience they were able to take out the assailants. They recoverd a necklace with a ram’s horn design that Sophana and Allyria both recognized as representing Orcus at the same time.

Wound Licking

After such a tough battle, the party made the quick trip back to town to rest and recover. In the morning Tasil attended the Avandra service and then had a chat with Sister Linora. Afterwards, they tooka trip to Bairwin Wildarson’s store where they got a free healing potion and Tasil bought some climbing gear, left, came back to check prices on leather armor, left, went back in to buy the armor when Allyria discover she had enough gold, left, went back in to price a few more things, and left for the final time.

The Rescue

They headed south to the old dragon burial site where Douven was last known to be, this time without being ambushed. Upon arriving there, they were greeted by group led by a gnome named Agrid, who invited them down to view their recent discovery, an ancient mirror. Sensing something was amiss, the group declined and a battle ensued. They took on a couple of Guard Drakes, a few weak humans, Agrid, and an annoying halfing with a deadly sling. When the dust fell they released Douven from his bindings, who thanked them and gave them his locket/amulet of health +1. They escorted him back to town, and from there, he made the return trip home.

While in town the group asked Valthrun the Prescient for info on the mirror. He informed them that it appears to have belonged to a wizard of the old Nerath kingdom.

Kobold Clean-up

Starting from the most recent ambush, the group haphazardly tracked their way to the kobold lair. They hear kobolds in a river, so sneak through the trees and clean out all the guards in the front, preparing their to the actual lair behind the waterfall, where Irontooth awaits.


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