Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 5

Updated Valthrun the Prescient on their adventures.

Walked back to the keep.

Set-up ropes over the terror wards, found zombies, attacked them and inadvertently set off multiple traps.

Found a secret room with fake walls. Solved the riddle after some thinking.

Walked down the stairs and found some hobgoblins and a big spider.

Talked another group of hobgoblins into giving up.

Walked south down a long hall into a room of traps.

Afterwards entered a room filled with zombies, a ghoul, and a clay scout.

Returned to the secret room to nap.

Session 4

Questionable Actions

Fought through the skeletons. Found some Altars, which they started attacking, Tasil widened a big crack in the back of one. Nachi finally kneeled and gave praise to Bahamut as the altars asked. The skeletons disappeared. Note-to-self: attacking altars of good-gods might not be advisable when trying to stop undead.

Entered a tomb, and talked to Sir Keegan. Learned some back story. Diplomacy is good and might net you a decent sword. Promised to help stop the evil that overtook Keegan and seems to again be returning. We need to close some sort of rift.

Explored the caves. Fought some rats and an Ochre Jelly. Entered a secret cavern. Explored a section that contain some Kruthiks. Enter a door that said do not enter. Found a little island guarded by a big Blue Slime, which ended up killing Nachi and Splug. It turns out that, when you find a room beyond a door that says “do not enter” with seemingly unguarded treasure on an island, it might not be a good idea to fey-step to the center of the island – lol.

Returned to town, which was closed off. Agreed to help Lord Padraig clear out the undead in their cemetary, but first had to heal up. Revived Nachi and Splug with Sister Linora’s help. Exchanged and bought a few new items from the passing merchants trapped in town (i.e. took full advantage of their need for our services).

Went to the cemetary and fought some more skeletons, some zombie dogs, and an elf archer named Ninaran. Another note: not all elf archers are friendly, especially if undead appear around them. Shut down the magical circle that created the skeletons. Found a note on Ninaran from Kalarel.

Returned to town to addulation and rest.

Session 3


After a quick search of their options, the group decides to head east, where they stumble upon a few goblins and drakes digging for treasure. The sneak up on them and a battle ensues. At one point Sophana and Hanibal try to walk across a plank and fall into the pit. Luckily, Nachi was there to protect them and Tasil cleared out the room with pinpoint accuracy.

Then they discussed the merits of taking the secret door Sophana found or going down the eathern stairs. They decided on the door.


They stealthily sneaked up the passage to another secret door, where a very fat goblin noisly slept. A conversation then ensued on what to do and Tasil and Nachi whole-heartedly agreed on sneaking in and killing him in his sleep. Allyria felt that doing such a thing was wrong but deferred to her more adventure expreienced teammates. Sophana and Hanibal seemed to acquiesce as well. So Tasil sneaked into the room and drove a dagger deep into Balgron the Fat’s belly. Nachi followed soon after to take down the guard behind the curtain. Hanibal attempted to help, but inadvertently burnt down the old curtain.

Afterwards, Tasil explored the other rooms, while everyone else lied in wait to spring an ambush. Tasil found two goblins on guard playing cards and took them out in a blinding fury of daggers. He then proceeded to peek in the barracks and bait the other goblins into the ambush. It only took a few short moments before the surrounding goblins were defeated.

The party returned to Balgron’s chamber and slept. It was an uneasy sleep with the stench of dead goblins creeping into the nostrils and a sense of evil and unrest permeating their dreams.

Unexpected Guest

After a rest, the party continued their exploration of the halls and rooms. To the west the came upon a room where they heard the excited voices of goblins. Tasil peeked a glance through a crack in the door and discovered a torture room with a hobgoblin yelling and threatening a couple of goblins. Tasil relayed the information and the party decided to attempt another ambush.

Tasil opened the door, through some daggers, and ducked back into the hall. The goblins fired off crossbow bolts through the doorway and the hobgoblin ran to a corner beside the door, hoping to push the first person who entered into the nearby iron maiden. The battle degraded into a shooting fest with Tasil, Hanibal, Allyria and Sophana attacking from the hall and the goblins peeking up from behind the tables. Finally Nachi charges in and takes the battle to the awaiting hobgolin and the goblins in the room. Tasil jumps into help, followed by the others, and it isn’t too long before the battle’s over.

Down the way, they can hear some pleas for help. There’s a goblin locked in one of the cells. He introduces himself as Splug and promises to help them however he can. Tasil picks the lock and frees Splug. The party helps Splug collect some armor and weapons off the dead goblins and Splug informs them of all the rooms he knows, which just happens to be all the rooms they’ve already been in.

It boils down to the cave with rats, or the dead quiet room behind the chilly doors. They choose the cold room.

Amazing Discoveries

Walking down the chilly stairs into the pitch blackness, they light a sunrod and cast light. With this they’re able to see a magical rune etched into the floor, which they can tell is some sort of trap. They travel down the halls that aren’t marked and come across a group of zombies. They all pitch in, including Splug, and with some impressive action on the part Sophana, eradicated the zombies.

This opened the way to a hall lined with large sarcophagi and a bright blue light glowing at the other end. Nachi systematically opened the closest sarcophagus, ready to destroy anything that made its home in one, but to no avail. Every single one he opened was emptied. As they walked down the hall, a loud cacophony was heard as every sarcophagus closed and immediately opened, spewing out skeletons.

Will our heroes survive?

Session 2

New Arrival

Before entering under the waterfall and into the kobold lair, the adventurers stumble upon a wizard entering through the woods. He introduced himself as Hanibal and they discovered they were after the same thing, the end of the Kobold Menace, so they joined forces.

The Kobold Menace

Together they passed through the waterfall into the kobold lair, where they encountered a dozen or so upset kobolds. After our heroes cleared out most of these troublesome creatures, in walked Irontooth, a strong goblin who had been bossing the kobolds around. Irontooth knock our adventurers around but after 3 sharp blades in back sent with regards by Tasil, he went down for the count.

The party searched the cave and found some gold and a +1 Dwarven Chain Mail. They also discovered a note signed by Kalarel.

Unlucky Travelers

As they walked back to Winterhaven, they came across a kobold patrol. Hanibal, quick to prove himself to his new friends, ran up and fired off a massive fireball into the patrol, that wiped out all but two of them. It was quick work, picking off the remaining two.

Back to Winterhaven

The party returned to Winterhaven, and collected the reward. The townspeople were happy to hear the kobolds had been dealt with, but everyone felt a little on edge.

They brought back the body of one of the kobolds, and showed it to Valthrun the Prescient, who did some research with the help Sophana to discover it was a kobold dragonshield and that they have a resistance to fire. The two then began researching the history on the keep located north.

They learned it was built by the old empire, Nerath, to guard against a rift into the Shadowfell and not against marauders as originally suspected. This rift led straight to an unholy sanctuary of Orcus. The empire fought the undead who entered back into the rift and sealed it up. They then built the keep over it to make sure it stayed closed. Two decades after the fall of Nerath, the commander of the keep, Sir Keegan, went crazy and killed his family and officers before the rest of the garrison were able to drive him deeper into the keep. Soon after that the keep was abandoned and has since turned into ruins.

Enter the Keep

Our heroes travelled down the main road to investigate the current situation of the keep. As they got closer to the keep, a chill came over them and the normal sounds of the forest began to die away. The overgrowth seemed to be everywhere, except in a circle around the keep. After cautiously checking the area, the heroes bravely walked down the steps into the keep.

They were met by a goblin, who saw through their ruse of being sent by Irontooth and tricked them into a pit trap filled with rats, which Nachi was kind enough to peruse. Three more goblins popped out behind some corners and proceeded to pepper the heroes with crossbow bolts. Our heroes collected their wits and wiped out the goblins, leaving them time to think over their next course of action.

Session 1


Our hardy adventurers, Sophana, Tasil, Nachi, and Allyria, went on a quest to find the whereabouts of Douven Staul, last suspected to be in the area of Winterhaven.

They were ambushed by some kobolds while traveling down the King’s Road. After an exciting battle, during which Nachi got hit with a gluepot, they continued on their way to Winterhaven.

Welcome to Winterhaven

Upon entering the gates of Winterhaven, they got the lay of the land and met some of the villagers at the small inn Salvan Wrafton and Eilian the Old. They also met Valthrun the Prescient in his tower. They had a talk to Rond Kelfem about the kobold infestation, and arranged an appointment with Lord Padraig. Lord Padraig offered them a reward to clear out the kobolds, which they gladly accepted.


On their way to investigate the where-abouts of Douven Staul, our adventurers were ambushed by a much stronger group of kobolds. It was a tough battle where every one was knocked unconcious at some point in the battle, but with some quick thinking and hardy resilience they were able to take out the assailants. They recoverd a necklace with a ram’s horn design that Sophana and Allyria both recognized as representing Orcus at the same time.

Wound Licking

After such a tough battle, the party made the quick trip back to town to rest and recover. In the morning Tasil attended the Avandra service and then had a chat with Sister Linora. Afterwards, they tooka trip to Bairwin Wildarson’s store where they got a free healing potion and Tasil bought some climbing gear, left, came back to check prices on leather armor, left, went back in to buy the armor when Allyria discover she had enough gold, left, went back in to price a few more things, and left for the final time.

The Rescue

They headed south to the old dragon burial site where Douven was last known to be, this time without being ambushed. Upon arriving there, they were greeted by group led by a gnome named Agrid, who invited them down to view their recent discovery, an ancient mirror. Sensing something was amiss, the group declined and a battle ensued. They took on a couple of Guard Drakes, a few weak humans, Agrid, and an annoying halfing with a deadly sling. When the dust fell they released Douven from his bindings, who thanked them and gave them his locket/amulet of health +1. They escorted him back to town, and from there, he made the return trip home.

While in town the group asked Valthrun the Prescient for info on the mirror. He informed them that it appears to have belonged to a wizard of the old Nerath kingdom.

Kobold Clean-up

Starting from the most recent ambush, the group haphazardly tracked their way to the kobold lair. They hear kobolds in a river, so sneak through the trees and clean out all the guards in the front, preparing their to the actual lair behind the waterfall, where Irontooth awaits.

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